Pot shots at pot legalization

Letters to The Globe and Mail, April 18, 2017:
Fifteen years from now, there will be a class-action lawsuit against the federal government for legalizing marijuana (Liberals Table Historic Marijuana Legislation, April 14). It will be brought about by all the people who will be hurt by smoking marijuana. It can harm your health and is linked to depression.

If you want to get a good perspective on legalizing marijuana, visit the rehabilitation centres and interview the drug addicts who are trying to get free of drug addiction. They say it is not a good idea.  – Vincent Heffernan, Toronto

While I do understand the reasoning behind legalizing marijuana, I believe that the public health risks outweigh the legislative benefits. It is an intoxicant and causes effects similar to alcohol, and can cause impairment of both perception and motor skills. These faculties need to be functional to ensure safe driving, for example.

Legalizing marijuana may lead to greater incidents of accidents – and possible deaths – because of intoxication. We are already working toward mitigating road deaths related to alcohol. Adding marijuana to the mix poses an additional liability to public safety. – Sohail Temoor, Kitchener, Ont.  ....click "Read More" below for more....
There have been plenty of articles lately about the legalization of marijuana yet nobody seems to be talking about where people will be allowed to smoke. I smell it nearly every time I’m walking in my neighbourhood and it’s not even legal yet.

We have made such great progress over the past 20 years limiting cigarette smoke. Remember when people used to be able to smoke in restaurants and on patios? Most of us are so happy to live in a nearly smoke-free environment.

Now I am very worried that when pot is fully legalized, the smell will be everywhere.

I presume there will be limitations similar to using alcohol, but that won’t be enough to keep the smell out of my airwaves. I’m fine with pot being legalized. I just don’t want to have to smell it or breathe the second-hand smoke. – Donna Spreitzer, Toronto

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