"Harmless pot" a big lie

• Cannabis use may increase teens’ risk of depression and suicide, research review suggests
• Think cannabis is harmless? So did I. But I know better now
• Daphne Bramham: What is the truth about the risks of marijuana?
Grow-op exploded house

• Just one joint can harm teenage brain structure

• Pot grow-op explodes house in Whitby

• Heavy cannabis use tied to strokes, researchers say
• Cannabis-induced psychosis on the rise in N.W.T. prior to legalization, says health dept.
• Cannabis is far from harmless
• Doctors warn pregnant women of cannabis risks
• Top Calgary ER doctor sees spike in cannabis 'poisoning'
• Marijuana-induced psychosis behind Toronto lawyer’s bat attack: judge
• Study warns of car crashes during pot celebration
• Horrible Side Effects of Marijuana That People Never Talk About
 Marijuana smokers three times more likely to die of high blood pressure: study
• Why pregnancy and marijuana are a bad mix

►Weed (pot) killing pedestrians
►Medical Journal Warns of Pot Risk to Youth  
►"Drugged Driving" (pot-DUI) deaths and injuries escalating 
►Marijuana-linked traffic fatalities on the rise, AAA warns
►Sickness from marijuana
►Psychosis & rampages in pot-fuelled Colorado 

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