Psychosis & rampages in pot-fuelled Colorado

Yeah, it was sure a great idea to legalize pot after Columbine and Aurora. Imagine this happening across the whole country.

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The Big Lie: Pot legalization reduces harms & usages

(Letter published in The Province newspaper, July 8, 2016)
More Grade 12 students in Colorado trying legalized pot

New data shows that there are regions in post-marijuana-legalization Colorado that are in big trouble.

Regions that refused to allow pot shops experienced a decrease in use or it stayed flat. Where commercial marijuana is plentiful, there has been a great increase in use among students. The data showed that the proportion of Grade 12 students who had used marijuana in the past month was, on average, more than 50 per cent higher than the value reported for their age group nationally.

For example: Students in Boulder and Broomfield area were 98 per cent above the national average; Garfield, Pitkin, Eagle, Summit, Grand (79 per cent higher); Pueblo (70 per cent); and Denver (56 per cent). --Pamela McColl, SAM Canada, Vancouver

*(Editor's note: Not to mention deaths/injuries from pot-DUI)